Date Title
12-14-2017 Biosecurity Basics Course to Be Offered for Poultry and Egg Producers and Live Operations Personnel at 2018 IPPE
12-13-2017 2018 IPPE Surpasses 520,000 Square Feet
12-05-2017 IPPE Providing Free Bus Service from Field Operations
12-05-2017 Register Now for the 11th Annual AFIA Pet Food Conference at IPPE
11-30-2017 Latin American Poultry Summit to Debut at 2019 IPPE
11-29-2017 Tenth Annual Animal Agriculture Sustainability Summit Returning to 2018 IPPE
11-27-2017 Space Is Limited; Register Now for AFIA’s Upcoming PCQI Training at IPPE
11-08-2017 Poultry Technical Seminar Offered Entirely in Spanish at 2018 IPPE
9-05-2017 IPPE Launches Sixth Annual Young Leaders “30 under 30” Program
8-16-2017 2018 IPPE Registration and Housing Now Open
8-02-2017 2018 IPPE Registration and Housing to Open Aug. 14
6-21-2017 Another Reason Not to Miss the 2018 IPPE: Exhibit Space Exceeds 514,000 Square Feet with More than 1,110 Exhibitors
7-10-2017 IPPE Chosen for 2018 U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Buyer Program
4-19-2017 IPPE Selects Experient as New Housing, Registration and Lead Retrieval Provider
5-08-2017 IPPE Recognized as One of TSNN’s Top 25 Fastest-Growing Trade Shows
4-13-2017 Super Bowl Coming to Atlanta Prompts Shift in 2019 IPPE Show Dates
2-16-2017 U.S. Employment Law Regulatory Update: 2017 Promises to Be a Year of Significant Change
2-14-2017 IPPE Does It Again: Sets Three New Records for 2017
2-13-2017 Poultry Companies Take Advantage of Free Bus Service to IPPE
2-09-2017 Rendering: An Important Aspect of Sustainability
2-08-2017 IPPE Gives Back to Atlanta with $13,000-plus Donation
2-08-2017 Whole Genome Sequencing and Its Implication on Food Safety Addressed during 2017 IPPE
2-02-2017 Poultry Market Intelligence Forum Addresses External Factors Affecting the Poultry Industry
2-02-2017 2017 IPPE: More than 31,000 Attendees and 533,000 Square Feet of Exhibit Space
2-01-2017 Trouw Nutrition Takes Home 2016 Feed Facility of the Year Award
2-01-2017 Animal Agriculture Sustainability Summit: Implementation Key to Continuous Improvement
2-01-2017 Emphasizing Optimization Focus of Spanish Poultry Education Program at 2017 IPPE
2-01-2017 Pet Food Conference Attracts Largest Crowd Yet
2-01-2017 Atlanta Restaurants Bring the Heat to 2017 IPPE: Smith’s Olde Bar Takes Home Title of Best Overall Chili Winner
1-31-2017 Eight IPE Exhibitors Recognized for Long-Term Exhibiting Tenure at 2017 IPPE
1-24-2017 IPPE Offers Programs and Services for International Attendees
1-12-2017 TECHTalks Offer IPPE Attendees Information on Relevant Industry Topics
1-09-2017 NAMI Announces Details for Four Free Education Programs at 2017 IPPE
12-28-2016 Meat Institute Announces Annual Awards Ceremony and Luncheon at 2017 IPPE
12-22-2016 2017 IPPE Offers Free Attendee Activities/Networking Opportunities
12-21-2016 Workshop on Toxic Release Inventory Reporting Guidance Offered at 2017 IPPE
12-20-2016 Feed Production Education Program Returns to IPPE
12-19-2016 International Rendering Symposium to Showcase Sustainability of U.S. and Canadian Rendering Industry
12-15-2016 AFIA to Host FSMA Hazard Analysis Training Seminar, Launch Hazard Analysis Tool at 2017 IPPE
12-13-2016 The Cat’s Out of the Bag, AFIA Releases Pet Food Conference Agenda
12-08-2016 Learn About the Food Safety Implications of Whole Genome Sequencing at IPPE
12-07-2016 Employment Law Regulatory Update Offered at 2017 IPPE
12-06-2016 NAMI to Honor Meat Industry Hall of Fame Inductees at 2017 IPPE
12-05-2016 NAMI Announces New Paid Education Programming for 2017 IPPE
11-30-2016 2017 IPPE Offering Free Bus Service from Field Operations
11-29-2016 Poultry Market Intelligence Forum to Discuss Domestic and Global Drivers at 2017 IPPE
11-28-2016 NAMI Announces Additional Free Education Programming for 2017 IPPE
11-22-2016 Pork 101 Education Workshop Offered at 2017 IPPE
11-16-2016 Communicating Sustainability with Consumers, Suppliers and Stakeholders Focus of Animal Agriculture Sustainability Summit at 2017 IPPE
11-14-2016 Technical Seminar for Maximizing the Efficiency of the Poultry Industry Offered Entirely in Spanish at 2017 IPPE
11-02-2016 Special Focus on Latin American and Caribbean 2017 IPPE Attendees
10-17-2016 IPPE Extends Young Leaders “30 under 30” Program Deadline
9-12-2016 IPPE Launches Fifth Annual Young Leaders “30 under 30” Program
8-31-2016 2017 IPPE Sets Exhibit Space Record at 510,000 Square Feet and Growing
8-01-2016 Registration Now Open for the 2017 International Production & Processing Expo
6-28-2016 IPPE Selected for 2017 Department of Commerce's International Buyer Program
6-16-2016 2017 IPPE Exceeds 490,000 Net Square Feet and 1,010 Exhibitors
6-01-2016 IPPE Recognized as One of TSNN’s Top 25 Fastest-Growing Trade Shows
4-07-2016 IPPE Recognized among TSNN’s Top 50 US Trade Shows
2-29-2016 Poultry Companies Take Advantage of Free Bus Service to IPPE
2-22-2016 Two New Records Set for 2016 IPPE
2-15-2016 IPPE Gives Back to Atlanta with $10,300 Donation
2-05-2016 Wastewater Treatment Challenges: It’s about A Bug’s Life
2-03-2016 Opportunities for Rendered Products in the Global Market
2-01-2016 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza – Lessons Learned: Management Should Make It Hard for the System to Fail
2-01-2016 AFIA Assists Feed Industry with FSMA Implementation at 2016 IPPE
1-28-2016 Market Intelligence Forum: Policy of Proposition and Not Opposition
1-28-2016 2016 IPPE: More than 30,000 Attendees and 1,300 Exhibitors
1-28-2016 Record-breaking AFIA Pet Food Conference Sets Stage for IPPE
1-28-2016 The Egg Industry in the U.S. and Internationally in Transition
1-28-2016 Avian Influenza Critical Challenge for Poultry Industry
1-26-2016 Three IPE Exhibitors Recognized for Long-Term Exhibiting Tenure at 2016 IPPE
1-19-2016 2016 IPPE Sets Record for Exhibitors
1-12-2016 IPPE Offers Programs and Services for International Attendees
1-05-2016 Tech XChange Offers IPPE Attendees Information on Relevant Industry Topics
Date Title
11-30-2017 Cumbre Avícola Latino Americana Debutará en IPPE 2019
7-10-2017 IPPE Seleccionada por el Departamento de Comercio Internacional de EUA para el Programa para el Comprador Internacional
6-21-2017 Otra razón Para No Perderse IPPE 2018: El Espacio de Exhibición Excede los 47,000 Metros Cuadrados, con Más de 1,110 Expositores
4-19-2017 IPPE Selecciona a Experient como Nuevo Agente para Alojamiento, Inscripciones y Registro Electrónico de Asistentes
4-13-2017 Super Bowl en Atlanta Origina Cambio de Fechas de la Exhibición IPPE 2019
2-14-2017 Nuevamente IPPE Bate Tres Nuevos Récords en 2017
2-02-2017 IPPE 2017: Más de 31,000 Asistentes y 533,000 Pies Cuadrados de Espacio de Exhibición
2-01-2017 Haciendo Hincapié en el Tema de Optimización del Programa Educativo en Español en la IPPE 2017
12-22-2016 2017 IPPE Ofrece a los Asistentes Actividades y Oportunidades de Hacer Contactos Gratuitas
12-18-2016 IPPE Ofrece Programas y Servicios para los Asistentes Internacionales
11-02-2016 Enfoque especial nos participantes da América Latina e do Caribe na IPPE 2017
11-02-2016 Enfoque Especial en Asistentes de Latino América y el Caribe en IPPE 2017
8-31-2016 IPPE 2017 Marca Espacio Récord de Exhibición con 510,000 Pies Cuadrados y Sigue Creciendo
8-01-2016 Ya está Abierta la Inscripción para la Exposición Internacional de Producción y Procesamiento 2017
6-16-2016 IPPE 2017 IPPE Excede los 490,000 Pies Cuadrados Netos y 1,010 Expositores
6-01-2016 IPPE Ha Sido Reconocida por TSNN como Una de las Mejores 25 Exhibiciones Comerciales de Mayor Crecimiento
4-07-2016 IPPE Ha Sido Reconocida por TSNN Entre Las 50 Mejores Exhibiciones Comerciales del Mundo
2-05-2016 Desafíos del Tratamiento de Aguas: Se Trata de la Vida de las Bacterias
2-02-2016 Influenza Aviar Altamente Patógena – Lecciones Aprendidas: La Gerencia Debe Evitar Que El Sistema Falle
2-02-2016 Oportunidades para Productos de la Industria del
2-01-2016 AFIA Apoya a la Industria de Alimentos Balanceados con la Implementación de FSMA en IPPE 2016
1-28-2016 2016 IPPE: Más de 30,000 Asistentes y 1,300 Expositores
1-28-2016 Inteligencia de Mercado: Política de Proposición y No de Oposición
1-28-2016 En IPPE 2016 Tres Empresas Fueron Reconocidas Como Expositores Desde Hace Mucho Tiempo
1-28-2016 IPPE 2016 Marca Record de Expositores
1-27-2016 La Industria del Huevo en Transición en los EUA e Internacionalmente
1-27-2016 Conferencia de Alimentos para Mascotas de AFIA Bate Récord y Sienta el Precedente para IPPE
1-27-2016 Influenza Aviar, Desafío Crítico para la Industria Avícola
1-26-2016 Restaurantes de Atlanta Calientan IPPE 2016; No Mas Cantina Se Lleva el Título de Ganador del Mejor Chili en General
1-20-2016 Cumbre de Sostenibilidad de Producción Pecuaria Regresa a IPPE 2016
1-20-2016 El Foro sobre Inteligencia del Mercado Regresa a IPPE 2016
1-19-2016 2016 IPPE Bate Récord de Expositores
1-12-2016 IPPE Ofrece Programas y Servicios para los Asistentes Internacionales
1-05-2016 Programa Intercambio Tecnológico Ofrece a Asistentes de IPPE Información sobre Importantes Temas de la Industria